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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got answers!

Below are the most popular questions we receive from families and campers. If your question isn't addressed below, please contact us directly so we can get you the info you need!


How many campers attend each session?

Our session sizes range between 40-60 campers.

What's the average age of your campers?

The average age varies a bit by session, but campers age 10-12 will find themselves right in the middle! Our-week sessions tend to skew slightly younger and our two-week sessions typically skew slightly older.

Can my camper request to bunk with their friend/sibling?

Yes! Please indicate your request on your registration forms. We do our best to fulfill all bunk requests, but we make no guarantees.

My camper isn't a strong swimmer; will they still be able to participate in water activities? 

It depends. Each camper will take a swim test soon after arriving at camp so that our staff can assess their swimming ability; every camper will be designated as a "deep water swimmer," "shallow water swimmer," or a "non-swimmer." Some water activities are open only to deep water swimmers. All waterfront activities are guarded by trained Lifeguards and life jackets are required to use any sort of water vessel (kayak, cone, paddle board, etc.). Visit our Waterfront page to learn more about our water activities and safety protocols. 

What kind of food do you serve?

Healthy, tasty, and well-balanced meals are our speciality! Check our our sample menu to see some of our campers' favorite meals.


My child has food allergies/dietary restrictions; can you accommodate their needs?

In almost all cases, yes. Please let us know your camper's specific dietary restrictions during registration so we can coordinate in advance with our kitchen staff. Check out our Food & Dining page to learn more. 

What happens if my camper has a medical emergency or accident while at camp?

Safety is our number one priority. All Camp Carvela staff are first-aid and CPR certified through the American Red Cross. Additionally, we have an on-site Health Officer who is available to treat a variety of basic health needs and injuries around-the-clock in our Health Lodge.  If a camper requires emergency medical attention, they will be transported immediately to our nearest emergency room or urgent care center. In these situations, we will contact the camper's parent/guardian and/or emergency contacts immediately. Visit our Health & Safety page to learn more.

Can I send my camper mail or a care package?

Absolutely! Campers love to receive mail from home! Consider mailing letters and packages a few days prior to the start of your campers' session to ensure it arrives on time. 

Camp Carvela

Attn: Camper Name

33 Bass Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI 49685

Can adults join? Camp looks like so much fun!

Camp is so much fun! Our residential sessions are kids-only, but if you are interested in outdoor adventure, our team can create a custom expedition for your family through our partner program, Crystalaire Adventures!

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