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Gender Policy

At Camp Carvela, we are dedicated to creating a place of comfort where campers can discover themselves and connect with others. This applies to everyone who comes to camp, and we are always updating policies with this in mind. That is why we have updated our gender policy to explicitly include non-binary and gender non-conforming campers.

  • Policy 1: Campers and their parents may choose for a camper to stay in whatever cabin/tent will make them feel most comfortable, no questions asked.

  • Policy 2: When registering, all campers will opt in or out of an “ally cabin.” 


If a camper “opts in,”  that means that camper and their parents are comfortable having a gender non-binary or non-conforming participant in their cabin/tent.

If a camper “opts out,” that means they and/or their parents would prefer to be in a cabin only with others who were assigned their same gender at birth.


As a program built on inclusion, we expect that the vast majority of our participants will opt into an ally cabin.

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