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A Typical Day at Camp

Every day at Camp Carvela is unique and full of surprises. Our daily schedule ensures campers have plenty of time for activities, meals, free time, creativity, and rest.

Watch the video below to get a feel for how a typical day at camp unfolds! 

Free Time

Free time is an intentional unstructured time for campers to explore, create, and play. Campers and staff usually collaborate during this time to make their ideas for activities and evening programs come to life. 

Activity Periods

Our morning and afternoon activity periods offer a wide variety of activities for campers to try -- all of which are created and facilitated by campers and staff alike! Campers can choose from 5-7 activities based on their interest and mood. We encourage campers to add creative and collaborative twists. Because of this, no week, day, or activity period is ever the same at camp.

Rest Hour

Rest hour happens each afternoon and is a time for campers to relax in their cabin. Campers use this time to read, take a nap, journal, play quiet card games with their cabin mates, or write letters home. 

Free Swim 

Free swim happens daily at 4:45 PM. During free swim, campers can choose to enjoy the waterfront or continue with other free time activities.  

Evening Program 

After dinner, all of camp gets together for our Evening Program. Each night's Evening Program is unique; sometimes, it's a camp-wide game, skit night or carnival, and other nights its a hike along the beach to watch the sunset from the dunes! Just like our morning and afternoon activities, Evening Program ideas often come from campers!


Mellow Time

After our Evening Program, we wind down with Mellow Time to end the day. Our entire camp community comes together, usually around a campfire,  to play music and sing songs, read poems, tell stories, and more. 

Bed Time

Lights Out occurs between 9:10-10:00 PM, giving campers and staff plenty of time to rest up for another day of fun.

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