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Spring Break Camp

March 24-30th, 2024  |  Ages 10-14

We're doing "summer" camp in March! Spend your spring break at Camp Carvela and participate in our new "Project Your Way" program.

Program Overview

Just like our standard summer camp sessions, our spring break program is designed to help campers unplug, explore nature, and connect with fellow campers. Led by our highly trained staff, our spring break program offers a welcoming place for campers age 10-14 to enjoy their school break.

Campers will bunk in our heated cabins, dine in our dining hall, and participate in familiar camp games and activities alongside thier fellow campers. In addition, campers will choose from 3 unique projects to pursue during their week at camp as part of our "Project Your Way" program.


Each project track is led by staff with specific knowledge of the subject and is designed to foster creative thinking while giving campers the opportunity to learn a brand new skillset.  Project work will comprise approximately 1/3 of our session programming while the other 2/3 is filled with our standard camp activities. (Check out a "typical" day at spring break camp below!)

Project Your Way Options:

Bicycle Wheel Repair


+ $600

Learn how to build a mountain bike piece-by-piece! If weather permits,, you'll get to test out your new bike our our local trails!

Take home your brand new bike at the end of camp!


Digital Photography

+ $395

Learn how to take and edit beautiful digital photos. Your images will capture your unique perspective on the world! 

Take home you very own DSLR camera at the end of camp!

Sewing Machine

The Art of Sewing

+ $350

Learn how to sew clothing, quilts, or your own creations! Your new skills will help you embrace your creativity!

Take home a Singer sewing machine at the end of camp!

Do you have questions about this program or want more information? Let us know!


A "Typical" Day at Spring Break Camp


The day starts at 8 AM with some optional programming before breakfast. Breakfast is servied from 8:30 - 9:15 AM. The morning activity period will generally be set aside for "Project Your Way" programming where students will work with their instructors on their projects. After the morning program period, campers can continue working on their projects or participate in some free-time. Free time are moments throughout the day set aside specifically to allow kids the opportunity to be together in an unstructured (but supervised) setting.


Lunch is served at 12:30. After lunch, campers will have a short rest hour to take a break from the day's activities. During this time, campers can read, draw, nap, or play quiet games with their cabin mates. Our afternoon activity period starts at 2:30 PM, during which time campers will work with our staff to co-create a list of game and activities to enjoy. Following our afternoon activity, campers can continue working on their projects or enjoy a bit of free-time before dinner.  


The evenings are set aside for all-camp group activities. These activities are often camper-created and camper-led and can include skits, musical performances, hikes, running around games, or any number of other ideas campers and staff dream up! After our evening program, we enjoy a small camp fire and some "mellow time" to wind down from the day before we head off to bed.


Session Highlights

A few things that make our Spring Break Camp unique:

  • Small group size 

  • "Project Your Way" program

  • Co-created games and activities

Wnat more information? Give us a call at 231-299-0005.

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